SDG Summer School 2022 - Becoming a change maker

Learning Planet Institute - SDG Summer School ©QuentinChevrier

The 2022 SDG summer school generated creative and concrete solutions to health and environment issues! Take a glance at the 2022 projects!

During an entire month, students from all around the world - and from all backgrounds - gathered at the MakerLab of the Learning Planet Institute to learn how to prototype open source, frugal and concrete solutions for a more sustainable society. This year, students came out with innovative projects to tackle health issues and their link to the environment.

Supported by the Institute of Challenges, co-founded by the Learning Planet Institute and the Université Paris Cité, this summer school runs every year from mid-June to the end of July. This immersion program entirely based on project-based learning has been carried out in partnership with other higher education institutions: the University of Geneva and the Tsinghua University.

Students are carefully selected to represent a large diversity of profiles and bring different expertises and perspectives: natural sciences, humanities, medicine, computer science, design, gaming or arts. Teams then use the best of this interdisciplinary environment to shape their ideas and materialize their projects.

Let's discover the 2022 projects!

👉 NoWa

A SDG oriented game: help your tamagotchi mermaid to survive against pollution and starvation by running her village and its fields.‌
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👉 Eyevy: a video game for the visually impaired

Exclusively based on sounds and physical touch, this video game should expand the availability and inclusivity of online games.
Want to know more about Hanfang’s project at the SDG summer school?
📱Check her Instagram interview and the project details

👉 Pain connection: a device to analyze and track chronic pains with patients

The data collected and their analyses will allow doctors to give a well balanced medical treatment
Want to know more about Celia and her teammate’s projects?
📱Check her Instagram interview and the project details

👉 Hello Kitten: a device to help people to manage their stress

A digital pet helps you become aware of your OCD to give you control over them.
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👉 Crowdsourced pavement accessibility interactive map: an app that helps wheelchair users find the best paths in the city

With the help of the MakerLab team, Yaelle has imagined and prototyped an interactive and crowdsourced map to provide the easiest itinerary for wheelchair users.
Want to know more about Yaelle and her teammates’ projects ?
📱 Check her Instagram interview and the project details

👉 MightPlant: an educational game on waste management

MightPlant is a resource management board game about the balance between natural resources and material wealth.


👉 Wheelchair accessibility

Making a video recording of what wheelchair users would experience when accessing a building.
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👉 Less Fast to cast (away): an upcycling clothes app

The app puts in contact amateurs and fashion designers to give a second life to fabric and fashion items.
Want to know more about Roua’s project?
📱Check her Instagram interview (in french)

Year after year, the Learning Planet Institute enables students to act on local and global challenges they are facing. Within the Makerlab, they learn how to build and prototype frugal solutions but also to apprehend the “maker” and “the open source” state of mind, allowing them to collectively create  a more sustainable world.

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