Master Degree M1/M2 - Applications are open until May, 4th


Interdisciplinary, international & project-based

The Master AIRE (Interdisciplinary Approaches in Research and Education) - Université Paris Cité - in Life Sciences, in Learning Sciences and in Digital Sciences targets future researchers & entrepreneurs, and offers cutting-edge courses and a learning-by-doing training based on several internships in labs, startups or companies.

With a strong focus on research-based and interdisciplinary projects, the 3 tracks respectively offer teaching in life sciences, learning sciences and digital sciences to students who want scientific training to develop innovative and useful projects in an international community of high-level researchers. It is particularly aimed at students who already have a solid background and feel capable of developing their own projects.

The AIRE Master is hosted at the Learning Planet Institute.

The Learning Planet Institute campus is located in the heart of the Marais district in Paris. Students profit from a vibrating ecosystem rich in seminars, research groups, global initiatives about research and education, club activities, and 150 square meters of students' lab space.


Applications are now open until May, 4th 2022! Candidates for the 1st year or the 2nd year are invited to apply to the track that fits better their scientific interest:

Master AIRE - Digital Sciences an international program, deeply rooted in research & in the works of scientists who bring life sciences closer to the sciences of learning it. You will learn computer knowledge, under the light of the sociology of digital worlds.

Meet Merlyn Johanna Hurtado, agriculture Engineer & M1 student in Master AIRE Digital Sciences in 2020/2021

Master AIRE - Learning Sciences dedicated to learning sciences & digital practices in education. It aims at training creative & talented students to become the future researchers or changemakers in this domain.

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Master AIRE - Life Sciences (AIV) a program designed to empower a community of scientists who want to tackle challenges of modern research through a collaborative, innovative & multidisciplinary approach.

Meet Abhay Koushik, engineer, artist, aspiring neuroscientist and Master AIRE M1 Life Sciences (AIV) student in 2020/2021

The Master AIRE is part of EURIP Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Research (École Universitaire de Recherche Interdisciplinaire de Paris) of Université Paris Cité.