The Collective Intelligence Design Playbook (NESTA)

What is this playbook for?

This playbook was designed by Nesta to help you design and deliver a collective intelligence project. It will help you understand how to harness the best ideas, information, and insight (aka. intelligence) to address a complex issue. It will introduce you to activities you can use to orchestrate diverse groups of people, data, and technology to achieve your goals. We call this collective intelligence design. We think of it as 21st-century common sense.

Who is it for?

We created this playbook for innovators around the world working on complex challenges. You might work in an international organisation, a public institution, a business or a non-profit. You’re probably familiar with other innovation approaches, and you may already have used some methods included in this playbook. But you’re likely still grappling with slow or failed progress on a big social, environmental, economic or political issue. You know that you need to find fresh insights, more effective solutions, and create new collaborative approaches to drive real change.

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