Enhancing collaborative knowledge building between European digital educators: Teachers as Researchers / LearningPlanet Festival focus

The initiative Teachers as Researchers aims at collectively exploring solutions to educational challenges through research on the European scale. In January 2023, Teachers as Researchers is also proposing 2 events at the upcoming LearningPlanet Festival (24-28 January, 2023).

[COMMUNIQUÉ] Bâtisseurs de Possibles rejoint le Learning Planet Institute

Bâtisseurs de Possibles rejoint le Learning Planet Institute. Adaptation française du mouvement international Design for Change, et né en 2012 au sein de SynLab, ce dispositif contribue à la transformation du système éducatif et à la construction d’une société apprenante.

The Learning Planet Institute’s raison d’être and projects aligned with the UN Transforming Education Summit’s goals

Among the keys intended by the UN to respond to this global crisis: lifelong learning, inclusion, digital technology as a tool for democratization and teaching transformation. Solutions that the Learning Planet Institute has been experimenting with for several years in its projects.